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10 Responses to “Dog House Prank”

  1. Prank Files says:

    Who built that dog house…hahaha

  2. Aland Stanley says:


  3. Fake, it’s a stuffed animal.

  4. MsTinyTurtles says:

    Why cant i see the vid IM IN CANADA

  5. 0:52 Processing.. processing.. She might be high…

  6. Redouane FReeZer says:

    When is 324?

  7. SKY Beautful SKY says:

    Just like you

  8. Joan Cuthill says:

    Wonderful my friends. ♥

  9. TheGamers Yt says:

    i like gaby :-*

  10. afnan hashim says:

    Stay coool kidz you are the Best

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