Game 5 of the NBA finals is imminent, and you know Drake will be right on the court watching it all go down. Who are you rooting for – the Raptors or the Warriors?! Rakesh and Abdo have differing opinions..

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6 Responses to “Drake Ruins NBA Finals (Raptors vs Warriors)”

  1. hassan Waleed says:

    If only drake donated 60k to less fortunate in Africa every game, no one would go hungry

  2. Okayman says:


  3. J Kelly says:

    Fucccckkkkk Aubrey and Canada Fans!!!!

  4. C Kotzebue says:

    1,000th comment 😂

  5. D Lombardi says:

    Juanito needs his steak I think he should make a return to the Mexican restaurant

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