The people in Helsinki had some really interesting reactions to me yelling compliments at them using a megaphone. What city should I do this in next?

Follow me for more footage and behind the scenes extras:

Special thanks to INEZ TV for their help with pulling this off!

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10 Responses to “Drive by Compliments: Finland Edition (Stopped by Police)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Thank you all soooo much for the positive feedback, pulling this off was a challenge but also a ton of fun. If you dig the content, share the video with your homies!!

    • Ahadur Rahman Alif says:

      Imagine filming in Bangladesh.
      The police would immediately “confiscate” your cameras, megaphone, cap, sunglasses etc. and give them to their 5-6 children.

    • FrigidReve says:

      I love the new content, really nice work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Turtle Cat says:

      Luis Sosa itโ€™s not new or creative, lots of YouTube does that now a days. And this is boring mate.

  2. CozyStudios says:


  3. Justin N. says:

    cop was gorgeous

  4. biig jojo says:

    Lmao this guy is way to sick

  5. Tri Hardcx says:

    More of this in the U.S now plsssss

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