Giving Awkward Gifts Prank @BigDawsTv.

10 Responses to “Giving Awkward Gifts Prank @BigDawsTv”

  1. Tracy Mcgrady says:

    bigdaws u killed woulve been better if u gave them a romantic gift

  2. BrandonJ123456 says:

    3:56 Yummy! :D

  3. 1:05 man she is gorgeous FUCK! 

  4. Alex Carter says:

    1:16 Chick on left = What Rebecca Black would look like if she had down

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  6. Jad Cheikh says:

    Shia LaBeouf

  7. konteofficial says:

    Please do more 🙂
    Something really awesome would be if you gave away dildos. And more bras of
    course :D

  8. ThatsSoNathan says:

    0:22 Rebecca black?

  9. Moral of Video:

    Women are like sheep. Notice how women always look at their friends for
    approval to check whether everyone is finding it funny or not. If everyone
    is laughing then its really funny and she laughs. This is what happens when
    you approach a woman and asks her out, if her friends find you pleasant and
    funny she will go with you. And if not then “Hell No sorry !”. If one says”
    I have a boyfriend” and automatically everyone will start saying that. And
    strangely, If her friends find the thing/person is embarrassing then she
    will act like she hates it even though she actually liked it. Women just
    follow the herd. Peace!

  10. Ynashimitsu Toshio says:

    Let me get this straight, you donated all presents to charity later on…
    minus the pantie cake of course… but still… you shouldn’t have donated
    the pillow pet! The girl that got it was so happy! I could see it in her

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