I get the great privilege to teach Kevin Hart daily vlogging.

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Go see his new movie, Kevin Hart: What Now? on October 14th
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  1. Simon Suarez says:

    I love anything kevin hart is in

  2. chiefchokea_ ho says:

    So Jessie is getting this channel

  3. Gabriela Reyes says:

    I’m boutta make it do what it do bc when it does it it did it and if you
    did it that mean it got done but we boutta do it and lets make sure we did
    it when i say we did it that mean you do but don’t do how you used to do
    how we do without being said lets get to do – Kevin Hart

  4. Totally different from FouseyFrauds video collab. Kevin Hart actually looks
    like he is having a good time and enjoying Jessie’s company.

  5. Kevin wore the same exact outfit in this video and Fousey’s video😂

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