This lady was selling Coachella tickets on craigslist, the way she reacts when Buk Lau tries to negotiate with her is hysterical. | Send automatic prank calls and hear them done live –

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5 Responses to “Lowballing an Asian Lady for Coachella Tickets (amazing)”

  1. Nitroptic says:

    I dead Hurd Buk Lu voice in a Movie The Speak Just Like buk lu

  2. Pamela Luich says:

    My favorite pranks are when Tyrone is the husband and buk is the wife 😹.

  3. Brendan Collins says:

    Love this prank!!! Also more Alexander please!!

  4. superlauch25 says:

    4:54 Tyrone lmao

  5. What is his obsession with black man voice?

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