My Daughter Madysyn told people that I think “they are hot”. Then, after the awkwardness, I blew them off with a fan! SUBSCRIBE!â-»

10 Responses to “MY DAD THINKS YOU’RE HOT!”

  1. I think your daughter is hot…sooo…where do we go from here?

  2. Reid Krausen says:

    How young is madison? 

  3. Matty Mustache says:

    does madysyn have an instagram?

  4. She’s like freakin 10 years old you goddamn pshycho!!!
    What’s the point in letting your daughter wear such clothes?
    C’mon Jack, you’re the father, even if your daughter cries because she
    wants to wear this, you’re the one who gotta have the last word, dont get
    yourself dominated by your childs, if she keeps wearing such things, dont
    go on asking why she got raped in a couple years… It’ll be your fault for
    beeing an irresponsible father.

  5. Wtf your child is like 11 and you dress her up like she is 30! 

  6. Get your daughter some more appropriate clothes.

  7. Is your daughter the Madysyn Rose on Facebook? She has a page with 271k
    likes, where she sings. It looks like her!

  8. I wish my parents would’ve let me dress like that when I was a little girl,
    but they cared about me too much.

  9. I think Madison is got damn I want to suck that right little pussy and
    those gorgeous tan legs

  10. ORENGEcarot says:

    Damn so many pedos shes like 15!!! Fucking sick bastards

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