This girl needs help carrying a bunch of heavy bricks across a lawn. She’s able to carry TEN of them, but adults can’t even carry ONE! Wow!

10 Responses to “SUPER STRONG GIRL!!”

  1. zezba9000 says:

    Really like this one!

  2. soso Saeed says:

    Nice jock hahahaha

  3. Nicolas11x12TECHX says:

    That was a brilliant prank! :D

  4. Astrid Gasser says:

    Hahahaha so funneh!

  5. Edison Monsalaz says:

    Now,, that was funny!! Finally can say that..

  6. LoganKirkmanGames says:

    This was awesome!

  7. Brilliant!:-) Super cute girl, simple but very effective prank judging by
    the faces of the victims. Best “WTF-faces” I’ve seen in a long time. Hella

  8. Darren Parker says:

    Man, those block things looked very real! Awesome prank!

  9. LaughINhalf says:

    GREAT PRANK! I also do PRANK videos! Check em out! If ya laugh, subscribe!

  10. Danica DeCosto says:

    Haha I love all their faces!

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