I’m saying real words, yet no one can understand me. Hmmm. Here is the ‘Best Of’ nonsense series. SUBSCRIBE!â-» Get Pootersâ-» http:…

10 Responses to “THE BEST NONSENSE EVER!”

  1. Lol, Lady Gaga got offended at the end 

  2. Matthew Santoro says:

    “You’re a psycho”-says the one dressed like the bride of Frankenstein. 

  3. Johnny McGorm says:

    Elbow skin from the earlobe king in a manner of quiet disturbances on the
    hour, every hour.

  4. *But where is Noah??*

  5. Jack Vale Films says:

    Enjoy my NONSENSE!

  6. Im sorry hopefully no one finds out how i did 

  7. Bubble poop in a sock mash green baby juice fart jenny face upside down

  8. Nhickki Mihnahdge says jacks a syko? Xhe xuld lhuk aht hurselff

  9. MexicanMoreno14 says:

    You know YouTube is fucked up when this guy has horrible pranks that barley
    get 200,000 views while Romans pranks always get 1,000,000 but that’s non
    of my business 

  10. Andrew Fredric says:

    Brace your selves , more bad pranks are coming

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